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Organic Decaffeinated Coffee


Origin: Mexico
Tasting Notes: For those looking for a full-flavored coffee but without the caffeine. The caffeine has
been removed using The Swiss Water Process (SWP®) – chemical-free, environmentally friendly and
ensures 99.9% of the caffeine is removed.
Roast Profile: Dark.
Suited Brew Method: All brew methods

Single Origin Colombian Pink Bourbon Variety


Origin: Colombia – Pitalito
Tasting Notes: Using Hydro Natural Honey Process, this coffee has juicy acidity with pink lady apple
notes, floral and clean lingering finish.
Roast Profile: Light to Medium.
Suited Brew Method: espresso (non-milk based), filter and cold brew.

Single Origin El Jardin


Tasting Notes: Floral, sweet spice & almond notes with a smooth caramel finish.
Roast Profile: Light to medium
Suited Brew Method: espresso or filter.

Single Origin Ethiopia


Origin: Ethiopia – Uraga, Guiji
Tasting Notes: Notes of crisp plum, currant, and cranberry fruits upfront, the smooth body carries a
sweet black tea and toffee finish.
Roast Profile: Light to medium.
Suited Brew Method: Espresso (non-milk based) or filter and cold brew.

Supremo – Dark


Origin – Colombia
Tasting Notes: Ideal for those looking for a more traditional flavored espresso-based coffee.
Almond and walnut with sweet spicy floral notes and caramel to chocolate finish.
Roast Profile: Medium to dark roast.
Suited Brew Method: Espresso, stovetop or cold brew

The Ettalong


Origin: Blend of Various South American Coffees namely Colombia, Brazil & Guatemala
Tasting Notes: This is our signature blend and what we serve at each of our locations. Developed for
milk-based drinks, The Ettalong is ideal for cappuccinos, flat whites & lattes. However, its versatility
enables it to be also enjoyed black. Full of flavor with a smooth body, beautiful crema, and
chocolatey tones are evident. Through our sources, The Ettalong is roasted using some of the finest
coffee beans South America has to offer.
Roast Profile: Medium.
Suited Brew Method: espresso, filter, stovetop or cold brew

The Valere


Origin: Blend of Various South American Coffees namely Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala
Tasting Notes: The Valere is a blend of medium and dark roasted coffee providing rich chocolatey
tones and is ideal for those looking for a bold, stronger flavoured coffee that maintains a smooth &
well rounded finish.
Roast Profile: A mix of medium & dark roasted coffees
Suited Brew Method: milk-based espresso, stovetop or cold brew.